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We are an INVITE-ONLY facility specializing in one-on-one true private training for adult athletes who are ready to get serious about strength. All of our programming is custom-tailored and based on the scientific fundamentals of strength training with emphasis on weightlifting, and we are SPECIALIZED in helping beginning adult strength athletes. Our clients know the effects of aging will happen to all of us, but they will happen much later to those who build their full body strength now. Anyone at any age can be strong and it is NEVER too late to start.

We also offer REMOTE COACHING, where anyone anywhere in the world can sign up to get custom programs and services from our certified coaching staff.

All services come backed with GUARANTEES so contact us today to start building strength the fast and safe way.

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Mission Statement

Ramirez Strength Training is dedicated to developing strength in clients in the safest and most efficient way possible so as to allow the ultimate realization of one’s physical abilities for as long as possible.

The CrotaCera Garage Gym is an environment where a client can enter and develop themselves in a private and exclusive manner. While focusing on the time-tested modulations of powerlifting, weightlifting, and calisthenics, a client will immerse themselves in the scientifically-based principles of strength training, biomechanics, and related subjects, and then apply these principles within every workout. They will be challenged every day physically and mentally, but only to the point where the most change will occur, and never for the superficial sake of exhaustion. They will not be spared obstacles, but will instead focus on their personal goals and the privilege of having an opportunity to accomplish them. Upon consistent and dedicated practice, any client can and will achieve a high level of strength and fitness that will ultimately enhance their entire lives in many different facets including, but not limited to: mental toughness, discipline, physical fitness, confidence, and empathy.

Coach Josh Ramirez

Josh is a USA Weightlifting-certified strength coach who is all about giving people the guidance to become the strongest versions of themselves. He began strength training while playing football at Bishop Amat High School where he began to study training techniques to gain an edge on the field. To this day, he trains as a weightlifter and occasional distance runner, always working to push himself past his previous bests.

Josh specializes in working with beginners of all ages and backgrounds. His philosophy is based in intense programming that builds strength properly, patiently, and safely. From clients in their late twenties who have never touched a barbell to persons over 50 who are looking to strengthen their bodies with low-injury risk before the effects of aging, all Josh needs in a lifter is the drive and the desire to increase their limits.

Josh holds a Level 1 certification from USAW and a Personal Trainer certification from the NASM.

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